This is our F.A.Q. section, where you can learn more about us and how you book a taxi, download our app and use it and some much more. If your question is not mentioned here feel free to contact and we’ll be happy to help you.

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1. where can you find us

In this section you will find information on how and where you can find our taxis.

How to direct a suggestion to the company. ?

If you want to make any suggestions or complaints about our service can directly use the form that you will find in the section contact us. You can trust that I read all the messages we receive and will give a prompt response to your request.


Concept Rate (COP)
Race minimum $4.000
‘Banderazo’ $1.300
Fifty (50) Waith seconds $92
Eighty (80) meters of travel $92
Surcharge. Night hours (8:00 pm to 6:00 am) $900
Extra charge. Sunday and public holidays  $900
Surcharge. To sites peripheral $2.400
Surcharge. At the airport the “Eden $3.600
Surcharge. Service door to door $300
Surcharge. Billing service $300

2. Our taxis

Learn more about our cars and our drivers.

What is the taxi service for special occasions?

You can book our taxi service not only to transport in the city. Put to your disposition our vehicles for those occasions special in which requires of a transportation comfortable and private.

3. Lost & found

If you forgot your belongings in one of our taxis you can be sure that you can recover them.

What to do if you forget an object in the cab?

If you forget any belongings on one of our vehicles you can immediately call our main office in Armenia (746 22 22). Remember to have on hand the greater amount of information that possible: site of origin and destination, date and time of day in which fell the taxi, if requested our services via phone or Web page remember to provide the number of the taxi that was assigned to it. Communicate is with us in the less time possible to achieve locate the taxi before lent a new service.

How can you contact the company for information on lost?

To contact us you can do so directly to the line 746 22 22. You can also use our Online Chat or contact forms that you will find on our website.

Where can claim the belongings?

Once have notified you that we have found their lost property can refer to our offices at 3 #13-18 Street and with your identity document to approach one of our officials which will be delighted to assist you.

What to do when you've spent many days after the los ?

It process that must follow is the same that is described in the section “what do in case of forget an object in the taxi“. Please note that our taxis are used by a large number of people daily for what we can’t assure you that our driver has recovered herbelongings before addressing a new service.

4. taxi app

More about our application for phones and how to use it.

how to download?

Download our  app Radio Taxi del Quindío, Get a taxi service from your phone and know your travel in real time
Download for ANDROID
Download for  IPHONE